Ravenna ItalyInspiration drives me to photography, art, and literature. I have traveled in search of self enlightenment, and along the way I have learned about myself to engage in a world through art. Self expression allows me to escape, and let myself go without the interference of anyone else, but my own thoughts and emotions.

I studied political science, and through my years in college I became mesmerized by philosophy, the self thought notion of thinking outside the box. I enhanced my skills in Italian language, traveled to Europe a couple of times, and embarked on several journeys that were inspired by incredible philosophers like Emerson and Thoreau. I brought with me journals, and along the way wrote down quotes that mirrored my perception of life.

My love and passion for self expression in art and photography brings me to the world of writing, by working on my pieces and detailing a story behind each of them on why I captured the moment and at that precise time and place.

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