crecent bath
A familiar place where Jane Austen was influenced.

A young girl assuming her life would lead to law school, after completing her Political Science degree sitting on a bench in Bath, England? I was career oriented the moment I started college, assuming that I would make my parents prideful and happy with a law degree down the road in my late 20’s. I was a Model United Nations delegate, I took part of debates, speeches, and I even had an internship waiting in Washington DC arranged by the Political Science Chair. I had my future plans, there was no going back, however one random afternoon in MOMA, changed my life forever.

It was my alleged last year of college, and I was representing a country for Model United Nations for the 10:00am debate. However, throughout the early hours of the morning I kept lingering by looking through my hotel window where there was a city I was aching to experience. I proudly got dressed in casual attire, and decided to skip my debate. Instead, I followed my quenching thirst for adventure in New York City, which lead me to MOMA. I went up the escalator to the 4th Floor and stood in front of Jackson Pollock’s Number 31. Mesmerized by it’s beauty, I felt like every dripping paint represented the beating drum of my heart’s desire to escape into a world that didn’t involve politics and law school.I found his masterpiece as my inspiration to liberate myself from my own prison that had no meaning. 

The following morning I attended the closing ceremony for Model United Nations, and as I stood in the main entrance where famous leaders entered, I knew that was the life I did not want to lead. I gave up my internship, extended my college stay for one more year, and boarded a plane to London, England. And so I bring myself to the picture above, where I stood in front of the Royal Crescent thinking to myself I have come a long way to find happiness.

This is where I stand, I encompass my inspiration through art and photography. Each piece represents a story, and I want to share that memory and aspiration.


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